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Let’s Make BPS Great Again

Oklahoma State was known for having the rowdiness stadium, but not anymore.

The shortage of students buying an all-sports pass has become a huge issue. There are not enough people buying the pass to fill the student section, and those who do buy it either don’t go to the game or leave at half time, making Boone Pickens Stadium look empty.

This issue has been called out many times on Twitter as the season has progressed:

The question is how do we make it better?

Is it the student’s fault the games aren’t interesting enough to stay? Should students stick it out though it sometimes looks like the players don’t even want to be there?

The atmosphere in the Boone Pickens has gone to shambles. From  alumni to students; no section seems excited. But it’s not the students’ responsibility to get the stadium rowdy, its’ every single attendee’s responsibility.

So next time you’re at a football game, drink a Red Bull or something to wake up, because our next home game needs to be way better.

We, the Cowboy Family, need to up our game and show our support.

– Sincerly, A Loyal and True Fan.

Student at Oklahoma State University
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