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Spring cleaning! Either you love it or you hate it. I always have such high hopes for myself but then I always get busy or lazy and look at my long to-do list with no intention of getting it done. I want to reach out to my lazy sisters and help us all out with this years spring cleaning. This is my plan and I hope it helps someone else.

Make A List

I always find that making a list always helps me when getting stuff done. What I like to do is start with a big task like cleaning out my wardrobe then breaking it down further like shirts, then shorts, then pants, etc. This way it feels less heavy and like I can take it one step at a time. For us lazy girls the less we have to do in a day the better. For the busy girls, having it a broken down further can make it easier to plan out when it is convenient to work on your task

The 10-Second Rule

This probably has different names but this is what I’m calling it. It’s this rule that if the task takes less than 10 seconds, do it now rather than later. I think this can be used to stuff like picking up trash or putting something back in its right spot. This could also be a multi-part 10-second rule like it takes less than 10 seconds to put something on a hanger, but it also takes less than 10 seconds to hang it up. The time could expand like 20 seconds or 30 seconds for bigger tasks. I know when I’m in a rush, 10 seconds seems like precious time but it’s really nothing, I have to start thinking to myself “Either do it now or it’s going to sit there for way longer”

Cleaning Party

I’ve found that I don’t like being alone while I clean but also I find that when people are around, things don’t go how I want. Things get put in the wrong spot, but I’m too lazy to fix it or too many questions are asked and not enough is getting done. What I want to do is have a group FaceTime session with my friends as we all do something productive. We can laugh and joke and have a good time but also get stuff done. This is good when I don’t work one day or if I work early one morning and have the rest of the day to myself.

Clean As You Go

I am looking at my vanity (aka my desk that is completely covered in makeup) and think when would be a good time to clean this but then I realized that the best time to clean my makeup desk is when I am doing my makeup. Washing my brushes is a late night, nothing better to do kind of activity, but my desk is always messy. Why not put things back and organize them a little bit while I’m doing my makeup? It’s the most convenient time and I’m already just standing there so what’s the harm in doing a little extra work.


 When I clean, I like to put on a movie or TV show I’ve seen at least 100 times just for background noise. It makes cleaning a little more enjoyable

Spring cleaning can always seem like a way bigger task, but there are so many ways to get it done. I know that my tips won’t help everyone and not everyone is going to use all of my tips but it’s just what I find that makes me the most productive. Happy Spring Cleaning Ladies ? ? ?

Micah Damon

OK State '22

Hi! My name is Micah Damon and I am a trans sophomore at OSU. I am studying Arts Administration with a minor in American Sign Language and Gender Women's. Besides writing for Her Campus, I am apart of several different organizations and I work a lot. Outside of my responsibilities, I love shopping, hanging out with friends, and making art.