The King Is Going To Return Soon

It seems that Disney has started a new trend in the past few years. They started out with classics like the Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. They have plans for Mulan, Dumbo, and Aladdin.  I am super excited for these movies. Beauty and the Beast and the Jungle Book were amazing! The movies have the story that we all fell in love with but they build on the design and magic that makes Disney so incredible. With new songs and a deeper backstory with some of the characters from our childhoods, it’s no wonder that Disney continues to make money on these live actions. The media began to buzz recently because the Lion King teaser trailer was released everywhere. In anticipation for the movie that will be released July 19th, 2019, I thought I could count down my top ten most anticipated characters that will be brought to the live action screen.


Number 10: Rafiki

One of the most memorable lines in the movie, at least in my opinion, was when this wise old monkey said, “The past can hurt. But the way I see it,  you can either run from it or learn from it.” Without this old wise monkey, Simba wouldn’t have become the king he was destined to be.


Number 9: Sarabi

Though she is not mentioned much in the movie, she is a fierce queen of the pride lands. I cannot wait for this regal queen to be brought to life.


Number 8: Zazu

It’s a good thing that Simba never fired Zazu, the king’s trusty advisor. Though he was a small creature-no pun intended-he made me laugh so many times. It didn’t matter whether he was singing in a cage for the evil Scar, or explaining what “betrothed” meant to Simba and Nala.


Number 7: Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed

I know that technically the three hyenas count and three characters but these hysterical animals must always come in groups. I sometimes wish that I was an evil Disney villain I would want these bumbling band of hyenas.


Number 6: Mufasa

What can I say about the king of the circle of life that hasn’t already been said? The teaser trailer shows a brief snapshot of him and it was glorious. He is big and strong and his golden fur looks so real I could reach out and touch him.


Number 5: Timon

This smart little prairie dog made so many scenes of the movie pure gold. He is creative and brave. I can’t imagine how the creators at Disney could make him better but I am excited to see what they come up with.


Number 4: Pumbaa

Pumbaa, what can I say about this guy? He and Timon are a force to be reckoned with. These best buds take Simba under his wing and I can’t wait to see their story unfold once again in the theaters.


Number 3: Nala (Beyonce)

I thought Nala couldn’t get any better, but apparently, Disney likes to surprise me. Nala is the lioness that comes to get Simba and never gave up on him. She believed that he could be king even when he didn’t believe it himself. But this crazy strong lioness just became even more so when I learned that she will be voiced by Beyonce!


Number 2: Simba

The young new king was amazing to watch twenty-five years ago on the screen. Of course, I was too young but my mother wasn’t. She is thrilled right along with me to see how they will bring his life together on the screen once again. I hope they don’t change his lines very much. They also better not take out “Can you feel the love tonight?” That is arguably my most favorite Disney song ever! I am also hoping that they will give him a new solo. Perhaps something like Evermore from the new Beauty and the Beast movie.


Number 1: Scar

Who do fans like more than the heroes in movies? The villain. That is why coming in at number one for the most anticipated live-action character is Scar, the evil uncle of Simba. Scar is my favorite Disney villain, except for maybe Ursula. He is a sarcastic, cunning, and just all-around creepy guy. I am super pumped to see him in this new movie. I want the creators to make him updated and real life-like while still keeping him iconic with his dark mane, thin frame, and bared teeth.


That’s all I really have today. So, what character are you most excited for? What is your favorite song? Lastly whose new voice are you happy is making an appearance?