Is Kendrick Lamar Here To Save Us All ?

With the release of his new album entitled DAMN, it can be understood that rap artist Kendrick Lamar, is trying to persuade people to understand a different perspective of the life we live within.

But first who is Kendrick Lamar, and why does his music coveny a saving grace aspect to the Black community?


Kendrick Lamar was born and raised in Compton, California where in 2004 he released his first mixtape named Youngest Head Ni**a in Charge. It wasnt until 2011 when he was named XXL's top 10 Freshamn Rappers, and then people started to recongize him on a larger scale. In 2012 Lamar released one of his most notable project named good kid, m.A.A.d city in which this project features artisits such as Drake and Dr. Dre.

Lamar next project To Pimp A Butterfly, however is what keeps him ahead of the crowd to this day. His song titled Alright recieved four nominations for the 2015 MTV Music Awards, but also this song sparked much controversy, as Fox News discreditted his work as during his performance of the song, he featured a graffit-police car, and a battered American Flag

With all his success it still seems to this day that Kendrick Lamar still can not get a break from his constant activism for the Black commmunity. With his new album release named DAMN, he sparked much controversy over embracing the beauty of a natural black woman. Where many critics claimed that he was not accepting of all types of women, where they are natural in their features or not.

The question remains now is are we really accepting of what Kendrick Lamar is trying to do to make change within our world? Constantly he is advocating for the black community through his music, but it seems that his message keep getting over looked by what is popular within the media. After looking upon social media, and seeing the conterversoy he was causing I decided to do some research for myself. After watching his music video , and reading his lyrics, I found no offense to what he was saying about black women, but was actually thankful he spoke up on an issue that many people have developed as normal.

Kendrick Lamar, I encourage you to keep speaking and writing on the unseen issues at hand. Silence has become deadly, and I appreciate you for being willing to speaking out from behind the silence.

Check out the his video, and comment how you took his message !