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Keep Warm While Looking Good

          Although Oklahoma has had a mild winter and it’s supposed to get pretty warm this week, ladies still need to keep in mind that there is still a bitter chill in the air.  Skin tight, jersey shore inspired dresses are still considered out of season. I am here to provide my suggestions on how to look sexy in the winter and how to use your summer outfits during the winter season.
            My favorite go-to-item this season is tights! Tights are back in style. Take that summer dress and pair some black tights with it or if you are extra ambitious get some lace tights or deep purple ones. Tights are still allowing you to show the shape of your legs and wearing your favorite dresses.

          If you are wearing professional wear in the winter such as a skirt suit, then you must wear tights. First off, we all know you are cold and the potential employer does too.  Second, bare legs happen to look a tad scandalous.  For me personally, my legs are way to white, people may be blinded so I prefer to cover them up.
            Although, wearing tights does come with rules. I suggest you don’t wear open toe shoes with tights, simply because it looks funny. In honor of it being winter, my favorite item is high-heal boots.  Any boots will work and if you must wear pumps, make them very small peep toe or closed toed.
            Another staple item to have is cardigans.   This is especially true for me, who has more tank tops than long sleeve shirts. Cardigans allow me use my summer tops during the winter, as well.  Cardigans are also great for going out because waiting in lines can get cold, but no one wants to bring a big jacket and lose it.
            Also, don’t be scared of a long sleeved shirt. You could find a long sleeve shirt with a plunging neckline to even it out.  My friend just bought a sweater that plunges in the back, so instead of showing arms she is showing back.
            Another favorite winter staple of mine is colored jeans. Black, white, red or whatever color, they look good! I am dying to have a mint green pair. They present a much more fashionable presence than jeans but cover your legs and provide the same comfort.
            You can also always stick to the basics and still look cute such as jeans, scarves, sweater dresses and leggings.  When you get dressed, just know it’s possible to keep warm and still look cute. 

I am a senior at Oklahoma State University. My major is Multimedia Journalism with a minor in leadership. I aspire to be a news anchor or work for a fashion magazine, I am honestly open to any kind of journalism though. I am the Her Campus correspondent for OSU. I interned for News on 6 in Tulsa, Okla this summer and I loved every second of it. Basically, I am just a fun-loving girl who loves her friends and family. The only expectations I have for the future is to be happy.
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