It's Time to Get Ready for Fall

Unfortunately, the time has come. Summer vacation is ending and it’s back to classes. The tank tops will be replaced with light sweaters and the flip-flops will be replaced with boots.

As excited as I am for the upcoming school year, I would be lying if I said I'm eager to abandon summer. Spring and summer have always been my favorite seasons, for the obvious reason of warmer weather. It’s not just that, though. Colors are more vibrant, spirits are higher and things are more laid back. So, yes, I’m sad about summer leaving. As the season goes, so does the killer tan I worked on. But I’ve found it easy to get over the summer blues this year, mainly because of what things I do have to look forward to in fall.

If you're in the summer blues too, keep reading. Maybe you'll find some things to get you excited for the upcoming season.

  1. 1. The cooler the weather, the warmer the drinks

    This fall, no one will be turning down a hot drink… or, they shouldn’t be, that is. Whether you drink coffee, hot chocolate, tea or cider, the cooler weather will put you in the mood to drink anything piping hot. Not only does the season call for warmer drinks, it’s also an awesome opportunity to hang out with your friends. As shared by YaleNews, coffee makes people friendlier. So, with that being said, invite someone to your local coffee shop and catch up while you each sip on something delicious. Odds are, it'll make you both happier and make the experience more enjoyable. And, because we’re on the topic of coffee, it’ll help keep you awake to finish assignments. After all, with fall comes a new semester of stresses (err… I mean, classes).

  2. 2. Did someone say better clothes?

    I've had this conversation before and I bet you have too. People think their outfits look better during the fall season. Don't ask me why I think that, because I'm not entirely sure. It may be because I naturally gravitate toward jeans and sweaters? Perhaps it's because stylish brands like Ugg are in their prime during this season. Either way, I know my outfits are supreme in fall. So, I try harder to look presentable because I've always lived by the philosophy, the better you look, the better you feel.  And as a college student, I've learned that actively feeling and performing your best is one of the best goals you can set.

    So, if you're still not convinced, try looking at outfit compilations online and see the different ways you can pull outfits together this fall. You won't be disappointed.

  3. 3. It's the beginning of the holiday season

    Halloween and Thanksgiving are the biggest holidays we celebrate in the fall, but Veteran's Day and other religious holidays are also something to get excited for.

    A lot of people prefer Halloween. Although I have never been a fan of the holiday (especially during high school), I still find the fun in dressing up with my friends, engorging myself with candy, and reveling in the fact Christmas is around the corner. Not to mention, it's a fun excuse to let loose and drink the fun Halloween-themed drinks, because who wouldn't want to try a Caramel Apple Cocktail?

    My heart lies with Thanksgiving. It's a great time to go home and be thankful for everything I've been given, as well as everything I've been able to accomplish, especially here at Oklahoma State. Not to mention, it's the perfect gateway into the Christmas holiday.

  4. 4. Football

    Bleed Orange? If you do, you're in luck. Fall is the heart of the Oklahoma State football season. This fall, Oklahoma State students have two major games to look forward to: Homecoming and the Bedlam rivalry game against the University of Oklahoma.

    At homecoming, students, alumni and OSU fans get to start the weekend by participating in the annual walkaround, where the university's greek organizations present their decs. Fans will later revel in the Sea of Orange Parade that will lead into the big game on Saturday. The university's walkaround and Sea of Orange Parade will be held on Oct. 18 & 19.

    Then there's Bedlam. This is the game of the year where I rally up all of my Cowboy spirit and let loose. Although OU has won 88 of the 113 games, that doesn't mean I won't support the Cowboys 'til death do we part. Do I think we will lose this year? With OU recruiting Jalen Hurts, I think we're in for a tough one. However, never say never. The Sooners beat the Cowboys 48-47 last year, but were only one pass away from walking away with a loss. Either way, look closely at the stands, and you'll see me cheering on them 'Boys!

As sad as it is, summertime is ending. Thankfully, there are lots of things to look forward to in the fall. Although my list was short, each item served as an important thing I will get to enjoy this season, and, hopefully, you saw some things that will make you just as excited as I am. Go Pokes!