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Is it Possible to Follow a Beauty Gurus Tutorial? Valentines Day Edition

If you are anything like me, you look through video upon video trying to learn how to do makeup properly. I am not as talented in that department as some girls, but I try my hardest. One of my favorite things to do around any holiday is look through YouTube and find the most outrageous and most beautiful makeup looks to try and recreate. Here are a few of my favorites from beginner level to master level!

1. The first and easiest makeup tutorial to follow was this pop of color look by Marie Jay. The hardest part of this look was that I did not have any of the products she used. I did my base the way I normally do and contoured a little heavier than normal. I used blush in my inner corner where she used an eye shadow. The colors she used in her crease are easy to find because they are just cool toned browns and light pinks. I added the blush from my eyes onto my cheeks to make a somewhat monochromatic look.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAtOjuWLDJk&index=4&list=WL&t=66s 2. The second look I did was a medium difficulty level. I chose this one because I actually had that palette! I love this look but would need to practice it a few more times before I could perfect it. The most difficult part was not getting the steps mixed up because there was a long list of things to do. She also did the look with a hot pink lip instead of a nude which I love but did not have a color that matched even remotely.


3. This one was the most difficult by far to recreate. I didn’t have anything that he used and the vibrant colors were hard to blend. I looked at my Walmart to find something that was close to a glitter and the only thing I could find was an eyeliner type liquid from Elf. The rhinestones I had on my lower lash line were from the scrapbooking section at Walmart and in turn, were not made for skin. In the end, I felt like I ended up looking more like a clown rather than as glamorous as James Charles. As you can see in the picture the glitter did not stick to my eye and made the whole eye look just seem not fully finished.



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