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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

You know when you see those people camping out to get the closest pit spot at a concert, or to get into a football game early, and you might think they are crazy!

Well, my friend Alexis and I had an up close and personal experience of camping out at Gundyville for Saturday’s football game, and here is how our overnight adventure went.


We had not prepared for anything yet, and so we headed to campus to rent a tent. The guy tells us that we are not able to get a tent, because they were using them for another event, so we made an executive decision to go to Gundyville first, check in and then ask to leave so we can get everything we needed for the night.  

We rush to the store and look for a tent. I wanted the cheapest tent I could find, because I wasn’t sure if I would use it again. I found one for $17.44, and said we were using this one; I read that it was a 2-person kid tent for girls, so me being a noncamper thought that was perfect for two grown girls shorter than 6 feet. When we start setting up the tent we realize that we were absolutely wrong. The tent was small, and when we sat in it we looked like stuffed sausages.

When morning came, we had to be up by 6:00am, so that we could get in the game early. Little did we know, that in order to get in early we had to be there at 8 o’clock. We rushed to get gameday ready, and once we finally got into Boone Pickens Stadium everything from the lack of sleep, being unprepared, and having to run to get in on time, made Gundyville  a blast! Being close to the players and the field is the best way to watch a college football game. 

When it comes down to the bottom line, Gundyville is really what you make it. We had a friend come over ,and slept three to a kiddy tent and it was so much fun! I would suggest you find a group of friends, and do Gundyville together, because some adventures only l happen if you get out of your dorm, and experience life!