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I Asked…What’s the Big Deal About Fall?

I am a exchange student from Scotland, and sadly, Scotland is the land of pretty bad weather…almost all year round.

You can imagine my surprise when suddenly everyone around me got so excited about fall! I didn’t get it – personally, I was still loving the 90˚+ weather, but everyone else was talking about sweaters and pumpkin lattes.

So, to see what all the fuss was about, I decided to ask people exactly what it was that made them so excited about fall!

“College Football, is the best time of the year!”


“Fall is fabulous. Everything is crisp and there’s Halloween and Thanksgiving and apple cider and just wonderful things!”


“You have to try a PSL, Pumpkin Spice Latte”

“Colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving, start of hockey season. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!! “


“Fall I get to show off my fashion sense, and the cold weather makes me happier! “


“Again, Football for sure..”

“HALLOWEEN!! Also the weather, the smell, being able to wear a jacket and funky hats, just everything about it.”


“When you go outside and feel the crisp fresh air. Chilly enough to wake you up, but not cold enough to make you freeze.”


” I get to put sweaters and costumes on my dogs again.”

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