How to be a VSCO Girl in 5 Simple Steps

VSCO girls are all the rage these days, but what does it take to become such an icon? Here are the 5 essential things you need to do/have to become a VSCO gal!

  1. 1. Hydroflask

    An essential part of any VSCO icons’ kit, a Hydro Flask! Upon obtaining your hydration device/fashion accessory, the first thing you must do is cover that bitch in the most obnoxious stickers you can find. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your sticker collection, no matter how absurd your interests may be! 

  2. 2. Scrunchies

    No VSCO icon’s wrist is complete without seven or more scrunchies! Scrunchies can come in a variety of shades and patterns from velvet to cotton blends. Buy them from places like Brandy Melville or Forever 21 if you’re looking for that extra edge. See links below for applicable sites.   


  3. 3. Plastic/Metal Straw

    Is your main goal in life to save the turtles? If you’re going to be a VSCO icon, it needs to be! Plastic is the source of all evil in our world and must be eliminated by any means necessary. The VSCO community’s first and most effective campaign against this menace has been the replacement of plastic straws with metal/rubber ones. While the metal ones may occasionally pierce through your mouth and kill you; little to no fatalities have been reported due to their rubber versions.  

  4. 4. Vernacular

    Proper vernacular is an essential skill in any VSCO legend’s repertoire. Slang often coined by the LGBTQ+ and other minority groups are the most popular. If you’re not original enough to come up with your own quirky phrases, you can always fall back on the iconic “and I oop” and her sister “sksksksksksksksks”. 

  5. 5. Narcissism

    And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the last thing anyone needs to be a successful VSCO legend, is a beautiful case of full-blown unadulterated narcissism! Now everyone has their moments of being self-obsessed, but true VSCO girls go above and beyond in this regard. One can never truly ascend to the position of alpha VSCO if one does not disregard their earthly emotions and compassion towards others.    

While not all VSCO girls only have these things, all VSCO girls have atleast these things in their persutes of being a VSCO icon. On your way, have an amazing time saving turtles and being trendy!