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No activity, club, business, or organization could keep on its feet without a group of people that are in charge of running specific areas of the group. Her Campus is an organization/club on campus that also follows this very rule and proves it as well. The exec team of this organization works very hard in order to keep everything running, smooth, and successful. Without them, nothing would be possible for this group.

There are 3 women who run and direct the Her Campus club and they are Liz Dewell-Campus Correspondent, Emily Farris – Assistant Editor, and Allison Delzell- Public Relations Chair. With all of their hard work and dedication to this group we are running and successful every day.

Liz Dewell

Liz Dewell is a Senior at Oklahoma State who was introduced to Her Campus by the founder of Her Campus Oklahoma State, Stephanie Taylor, when she visited Liz’s class her freshman year. She joined the club and worked hard over the years to get the position she is today – Campus correspondent.

“I am responsible for overseeing the Oklahoma State Her Campus chapter,” she explained, “I coordinate with nationals, our campus advisor and other HC sponsors nationally and locally.”

Liz is a Strategic Communications major minoring in Sociology and has big plans for her future after she graduates in May.

“I plan to work in the music industry after college,” she says, “ideally working in music promotion and artist research.”

Liz has worked hard over the years not only in her studies but also to keep Her Campus successful. She has done wonders for this organization but what’s so great about joining clubs is that it goes both ways. Her Campus has also been very beneficial to her as she gets ready to go on her journey after college.

“I have made great friends through Her Campus, strengthened my writing skills and worked with national companies,” Liz states, “having to be responsible for a team of writers, upload content to our website and coordinate with nationals and sponsors have prepared me for past internships as well as future responsibilities along my career path.”

We will miss Liz and her dedication to Her Campus but we know that she is going to do great things and with her passion for our club she will be sure to find the perfect fit to fulfill her spot in order to keep the organization running in the future.

Emily Farris

Emily Farris is also a huge part of keeping Her Campus up and running and having the title Assistant Director as only a Sophomore shows how dedicated and talented she is in what she does. Emily found Her Campus when a member entered her class Freshman year to inform them of the club. She decided to get involved to enhance and broaden her type of writing. She already worked for the O’colly but decided it would be good to diversify the type of writing she was doing especially seeing as though she is a Multimedia Journalism major.

 “After college I hope to work for an entertainment magazine,” Farris explained, “I want to write features about musicians and actors.”

Her Campus is a great way to help people get started on their careers if they involve writing and Emily has taken that first hand. Not only has it helped her increase her writing diversity but owning a leadership position has broadened her skills in more ways than one.

“Her Campus has really taught me how to interact with people,” Farris stated, “we do a lot of PR things like tailgates for football games, and that has helped me get comfortable just walking up to someone and starting a conversation. I’ve also gotten a lot of experience writing blogs, which is becoming a huge part of being a journalist. Blogging is an experience I couldn’t get anywhere else on campus.”

Emily is very passionate about what she does and has even bigger positions through Her Campus in her future. With lots of hard work and appreciation for writing she has impacted Her Campus in ways that will help it grow even more as it is around longer.

Allison Delzell

Allison Delzell is also a Senior planning on graduating in May with her degree in Sociology. She has plans to work for an adoption agency after she graduates but joined Her Campus to get experience in leadership so that she can obtain these skills at the agency.

“I also joined Her Campus when my roommate and the previous editor in chief got me involved,” Delzell said, “I love reading and writing about real life issues that women go through everyday and this has given me the chance to do so.”

Allison Delzell is the Public Relations Chair and finds ways to help publicize the hard work the Her Campus writers do weekly. She has really shown how much she cares to get this organization booming since it is fairly new by coming up with ideas to get Her Campus- Oklahoma State more well-known.

“My duties are getting the word out about Her Campus,” Delzell said, “and planning fun events to get more students at Oklahoma State aware and involved in our club.”

This is not an easy job but with consistent passion for not only what we do but for the people she works with getting noticed for their hard work, she has been able to help the organization thrive over the period of time she has been PR chair.

Without any of the exec team Her Campus would not be successful and would not be improving writers and making friends inside of this organization. The club has done so much for all of the girls working for it and without exec we wouldn’t be getting these experiences. We are so proud of the Exec team and are appreciative of their hard work done this year.

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