Grace Boyle, Queen of Social Media

I had the pleasure of interviewing Grace Boyle, who knows what marketing is, because in the last 2 years she has made quite the name for herself. Thanks to popular search engine, Google, and social networking site, Twitter, we were able to fit in a quick interview! Read on to hear how she did it and what advice she has for you!
Kortnee Barnes: Social media is amazing, right? 
Grace Boyle: Thanks for reaching out and thinking of me.
KB: When you decided to pick up and move what was your thought process?
GB: My parents are travelers. They've instilled seeing beyond what is in front of you geographically and mentally, in my brother and I. My dad travels the world for his business. That said, my thought process was ready for adventure. I wasn't going to move to our small hometown and my parents both supported that. I thought about opportunity, experience, joy and trying something new at a time when I had no ties to anything. 

KB: Were you at all scared about beginning in a new place with no contacts?
GB: I was definitely scared, but adrenaline and fear (if you don't let them debilitate you) are actually powerful forces of positivity. They're good to drive you forward. I trusted in the process, that I was hard-working enough that I would make it work. The worst that would happen wasn't really that bad and no matter what, I was going to learn. 
KB: What's your relationship with your parents like? You mention that you initially started the blog to keep in touch with them and that your mom is a life it safe to assume that you have a good relationship with your family?
GB: I do have a wonderful relationship with my family. My mom, dad and brother are incredibly supportive. Even if we have disagreed, we always came back to a common ground and learned from our mistakes. I know that I am where I am today because of their unconditional love and I never take that for granted. They taught me to love openly, give back, treat others with respect, have anmind like a parachute, welcome people in your home with good food (don't let them ever leave hungry) and to not forget to laugh. 

My parents are what I called "seekers" - they left their hometowns to discover other ideas, beliefs, people and places. Naturally, my brother and I are just like them. When I wanted to come to Boulder with nothing but hope on the other end, my mom got in the car with me, helped me pack my life in it, and dropped me off after 12 hours across the middle of the country. I wanted to fly, she helped to give me those things even if she knew I might fall or they may not be strong...yet. 
KB: When did your blog go from being a means of communication with your family to a blog for the masses?
GB: I remember blogging about mundane things like the hike I had just gone on versus my own ideas and thoughts. My blog was originally supposed to be for me to share the new life I had created. I also have this rather funny blog name because I never thought anyone would read it, ever. I started reading other bloggers and loving their stories. I realized I had something to say (we all do). I started a series about What Inspires You and asked each of these new blogging friends I met to contribute. My traffic doubled, those bloggers are still friends many of which were just getting going over two years ago and I started feeling like a real blogger. 
KB: It is so refreshing to hear how involved you are with your family! On that note, what is your personal life like? As a woman on the go, I always feel like there isn't time for yet another commitment. What are your advices if you are in a relationship, and if you're not, what are your thoughts and advices from that point of view?
GB: Thank you! Both my parents are entrepreneurs. My personal life is very busy. However, I've always been that kind of person even from a young age. I remember even before high school I was competing and riding horses, studying madly for the science fair, busy with friends socially and involved at school. I've always taken everything I do seriously, but focused on always enjoying. 

Currently, at age 25 I am in a serious relationship, I volunteer, I have a "side hustle" working with small businesses to help them find their communities online and engage through marketing strategy, have a wonderful community of friends…and finally, have a full-time job as the Director of Marketing and Sales at Kapost, an online startup.

I'm constantly striking a balance and I suggest people make time for dates with just you two and to unplug. I also purposely schedule days that are "open" - I won't take any meetings with anyone and I just leave it for me. The other saver? Yoga.
KB: You mentioned that we all have something to say, what's your ultimate goal through blogging?
GB: I don't think I have one goal in blogging - like I said; I started my blog simply to speak and share. It boils down to that. As humans, we are meant to connect. My blog acts as a catalyst for my life. It is how I landed my first job out of college here in Boulder, how I originally met my now boyfriend and how I've met many amazing friendships. Personally and professionally, I now can't imagine not blogging. The goal is to connect, teach and learn - rinse and repeat. 

KB: Is blogging your career or are there other things that take precedent? Where do you see this blog in one year?
GB: Blogging is a jobby, a job/hobby. However, I spend 60+ hours a week at my full-time job helping to build and grow an online startup. Working and playing it the blogging/online publishing world has been very fulfilling and allows me to walk the talk. I hope to continue to see them grow for my community/readers and myself. 
KB: Grace, thank you so much for setting aside the time in your day to do this! I have thoroughly enjoyed your responses and after this article is published you can cross out #46 on that 'Life List.' You've been a blessing and I pray we stay in touch! Any last remarks or words for the young women of Oklahoma State who will be reading this?
GB: I would love to see the article once it's published and hey, you're right. *To the young women at Oklahoma State remember to smile, work hard, push boundaries, listen to your intuition it's usually right, make time for your loved ones, give back selflessly, challenge ideas you disagree with, keep your mind open and enjoy. We are here after all, to enjoy!