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Gotta Love Being a Cowboy

Anyone who is anybody should be entirely grateful they committed themselves to being an Oklahoma State Cowboy. Why? Well why not? I mean, the rankings don’t lie. Look at our #6 ranked, beloved Cowboys who are 4-0 right now. I mean it must be the new uniforms, or something, because they are looking hot, and they are on fire out there on the field! Recalling back on the last game during the Texas A&M Aggies, yes our boys didn’t come out swinging early enough as they should of, but in the second half, they sure put their act together and got us the win! Not only did they do that, they brought hope and reassurance to the whole state of Oklahoma. Sorry, Sooners, but Oklahoma State is the only school in Oklahoma. Not only do our boys look good, but so do our girls! What girls am I referring to? Well I’m talking about the fiery and unstoppable, ranked #2 OSU Women’s Soccer Team! Boy, are they making a statement in the soccer world. I mean, hello, who has gone 14-0 before? Every opponent they have been up against they have shot them out.
It is really exciting to see how much success all our sports team is having. No one should ever doubt what these players are doing, because I’m telling you, these players are here to win. Every team in our school within different sports team has made a statement. For example look at our boys on the cross country team. This past weekend was the OSU Jamboree Run and the boys had the most points and won first overall! Not only that, but Senior Cowboy Colby Lowe was named Big 12 Runner of the Week! Also not to mention, our Softball team is doing great as well, being 3-1 with wins against St. Gregory’s and OBU, and with a split between the Arkansas Razorbacks with a win and a lost in a doubleheader, which means they played two games.
 We have the speed, the agility, the talent, and the enthusiasm from the fans. Our sports teams here at Oklahoma State, don’t just have amazingly talented players, but amazing students and fans as well! Keep cheering on our Cowboys and Cowgirls to victory!

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