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Four years is enough

High school only last four years for a reason, try not to bring it to college with you! What happens in high school stays there. College is the time you’re allotted to break out of your shell and experience new things and meet new people with a new attitude, so why continue doing things you did in high school?
1: Cliques are not cool anymore
Stop trying to find a group or organization to make you but instead make your place in a group or organization. It’s OK to join an organization but it’s not OK to let that define who you are.  Join an organization and do something within that organization that lets you make a name for yourself.
Get to know people of every background and in other groups. Don’t hang out with just one clique of people all the time but make friends with other people and hang out with different people in your spare time. Get to know a little bit of everybody, as my dad would say!
2: Drama is for the birds
You do not have time to gossip and to be in everyone else’s business; nor do you have time to fight with people. You are going to be so busy with class work, networking, socializing, and getting involved that fighting with other females is not a priority anymore.
This semester, there have been girls fighting on twitter and it led to fighting in person over boys. Let me be the first to say that is not OK! Fighting over guys only makes you look pathetic and fighting while in college period just makes you look childish.
3: You have to work if you want it
You are graduating high school soon or you are now a freshman in college.  That means a few things. You are no longer the top dog, nothing is handed to you, and you have to work harder to get where you want to be.
Now that you’re in college, things have got to change and you cannot bring high school with you. The only things you need to bring with you are your yearbook and scrapbook with photos. High school is only four years long and that’s long enough! So leave the cliques, the drama and the indolent ways at home along with your tassel. 

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