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Confession of OK State Students

College. It’s that one time in your life when you are expected to make mistakes and act recklessly. Some OSU students have taken it a step further and have partaken in some scandalous behavior on campus. There’s no doubt they will leave our great university upon graduation feeling as if their mischief has been managed. Here are their stories. The confession are anonymous. 

“I may or may not have gone skinny dipping in the library fountain freshman year. My friend, Sam*, and I had a blast during our little swims three years ago. We would go on nights we knew Library Lawn would be dead, and we always kept our clothes nearby in case we needed to sprint away. It brings back memories every time I walk past E Low.”

Think about that two or three times you stroll past our innocently, symbolic fountain. Now, you may not see it as so innocent anymore.

“There’s a bush on campus that you can literally stand on top of. I’m not going to tell you where it is, but my friends and I found it one night after a football game. I know it’s not a huge secret.”

I wonder what student says, “I am going to stand on this bush,” to be able to figure that out.
“One time, my dog pooped on Library Lawn. I didn’t have a bag, so I didn’t pick it up.”

Watch where you seat fellow students, I bet it isn’t aren’t the only one.

“You know how the Murray building East entrance has the big handicap ramp area? Well, it slopes down to the basement level, and you in some spots you can’t be seen. A few years ago, my boyfriend and I were taking a night stroll around campus, and we started to feel frisky. So we went down there and had a quickie. I was so nervous somebody was going to see us! Luckily we had our fun and got away with it!”

Are your minds spinning with scandalous places to have an intimate moment? Edmon Lowe? Old Central?
“I was making out with a guy at Theta Pond. Things could have got pretty heated, but the place smells so bad! It started to become quite un-enjoyable, which made for an awkward ending to the situation.”

Think these confessions are boring? Go out and make a story “confession-worthy.”

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