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Casey Holmes: The Youtuber Who Never Changed

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

YouTube has become the greatest platform for some and has been the only platform for others.

Some YouTubers have changed over hte years, btu there is one that has seemed to keep teh same personality and the same channel for years.

Casey Holmes is a young woman in her 20’s living in Georgia who has made a living off of Youtube.

Casey Holmes started around her early 20’s and did haul videos about what she bought at CVS and Walgreens. Now her videos are so much more detailed and she has so many different topics that she shows. She does videos on makeup tutorials, clothing hauls, and she tests different products out so that we don’t have to, product reviews and videos about health and fitness. Her videos may have changed, but her personality and the way she carries herself is still the same.

She gets personal with her subscribers without letting them know everything about her life. She tries to get to know her subscribers as well through twitter question and having videos where all she does is talk and then will respond to comments on her videos. She puts out so many videos on so many topics and now she is coming out with her own lipstick through Smashbox. Not everyone is able to go as far as Casey has, but she continues to grow her channel while still remaining the same Casey from her first video to the ones she continues to upload.

Youtube- Casey Holmes