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Campus Cuties: Couples Edition: Avina Rodriguez & Joseph Randle

Joseph’s Q&A:
Name:Joseph Randle
Age: 20
Year: 2014
Major: Industrial Engineering
Hometown: Wichita, KS
Future Career Goal: To make a good living and be able to support my family.
Where would you like to be in 5 years? “I see myself happily married!”
Avina’s Q&A:
Name:Avina Rodriguez
Age: 19
Year: 2014
Major: Nutritional Science w/ an option of Pre-Med
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Future Career Goal: Physicians Assistant
Where would you like to be in 5 years? “I see myself happy with the same person and in my career with hope of starting a family!”

Q&A for the couple:
Favorite memory together?
Avina: Joseph gave me my first New Years kiss.
First date memory?
Joseph: We went to church, hung out, then took Avina home.
What was your Valentine’s Day plans for this year?
Avina: Joseph took me out to dinner at Brooklyn’s in downtown Stillwater then we went to the Chocolate Factory. After eating he surprised me with a rose on the bed and a tear-jerking card. He bought wine glasses, but since I’m not of age he filled the glasses with Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice.
What’s your favorite thing about Avina?
Joseph: Avina’s smile brightens my day.
What’s the sweetest thing Joseph has ever done for you?
Avina: When Joseph pointed to me and blew me a kiss at the Homecoming Football Game.
A song to describe your relationship?
Joseph: Pretty Little Heart by Robin Thicke
A phrase to describe your relationship?
Avina: Nobody’s perfect, but you’re perfect for me.

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