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Campus Cutie : Megan Mitchell

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.


                 Megan Mitchell is a 18 year old Freshman from Owasso, Oklahoma who is majoring in English and obtaining a minor in Spanish at Oklahoma State University. Megan wants to use her English degree to teach english as a language over seas, and to start a photography business along side her career plans. If you ever want to meet Megan you can join her in her many organization such as CRU, Frontier Mosaic, and Bridges. When she isn’t running around campus you can catch her photographing our beautiful campus or simply sitting down reading a book. Megan is an artistic and warmhearted person and she loves to meet new people. Her ideal date is a quiet picnic, and if you follow up the date with hiking and watching classic movies then you’ve kncoked it out of the park!


                                                             You can keep up with Megan on Instagram : @thegreatmegsby_  or on Facebook : Megan Mitchell.



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