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Campus Cutie Look-a-Like: Haydn Weselek

Name: Haydn Weselek
Major: Political Science & Russian Studies
Hometown: London, England
Favorite Movie: Donnie Darko
Celebrity Look-A-Likes: Ben Affleck
Relationship Status: Single
Celebrity Crush: Kristen Kruek
First Thing You Notice About A Girl: Eyes
Random Fact About Yourself: Used to know Portuguese
Affiliations: Phi Kappa Tau
Last Song Played On IPod: “What the Water Gave Me” – Florence + The Machine
Un-Told Secret: Open book
Do You Prefer Briefs Or Boxers: Boxers
Favorite Genre of Music: Pop
Favorite Place To Eat In Stillwater (On or Off Campus): Qdoba
Motto: You can’t change your past but you don’t have to shape your future in its image.

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