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Campus Cutie: Bianca Martucci-Fink

Bianca Martucci-Fink is a junior art history major at Oklahoma State University. When she’s not studying or in class, she also enjoys reading (The Great Gatsby is a fave), listening to a wide variety of music ranging from Lady Gaga to Led Zeppelin, and watching films (Moulin Rouge is her favorite movie of all time). Because she is interested in women’s issues, she stays busy as the Activism & Outreach Chair for the Women’s Programming Advisory Council at OSU.

Last summer, Bianca went on a study abroad trip to France. Her idea of a perfect day would involve backpacking through Europe, exploring and trying new things. However, if she were to do something a little closer to home, she always enjoys visiting museums and art galleries…she is an art history major after all!

You can follow Bianca on Twitter @BiancaJMF and on Instagram @biancajmf.

I'm a first-year grad student at Oklahoma State University. I am involved with communication studies and gender issues. I'm a dog-person, not a cat-person, but only because I'm allergic to cats. I enjoy documentaries on Netflix and my favorite food is every food.
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