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Campus Celebrity: Honey D. Hallock

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

Honey D. Hallock is a graduate student in the Oklahoma State University mass communications program. She is also a member of the two-piece King Okie Brand Music Band, which will perform at PRISM Fest, a free arts and music event at the OSU library, on Oct. 29.

Hallock and her boyfriend of eight years, Rhett Harvey, comprise the King Okie Brand Music Band. They’ve been writing songs and playing at home together for a few years, but they started performing publicly together in spring 2014.

“A filmmaker recently described our music as if Johnny Cash and the B-52’s decided to join the band Primus,” Hallock says. “So if that tells you anything, it says we’re pretty eclectic.”

Hallock describes their music as more of folk art because they’re not commercially funded nor classically trained. The style fits in well with the vein of the Red Dirt scene in Stillwater. In fact, Hallock also helped organize the Red Dirt International Film Festival in Stillwater earlier this month.

Eventually, Hallock would like to see King Okie Brand develop into a business using Harvey’s experience in the Oklahoma music industry and her marketing and communications background and passion for planning community events.

King Okie Brand Music Band is excited to be playing at PRISM Fest and sharing the stage with internationally renowned slam poet Lauren Zuniga. Hallock says she and Harvey love getting to play different venues, whether that be house parties with bands from Japan and France or on-campus events with a student-oriented audience.

“This is a chance to connect with a diverse community that we’ve never played for before,” Hallock says. “We’re excited to play in a new environment and hope to make some new friends while we’re there.”

Visit the King Okie Brand Music Band website or the King Okie Brand Music Band Facebook page for more information, and come see them live at PRISM Fest!



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