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#AskAndy : What To Do About The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl may be your boyfriend’s favorite day of the year, but that doesn’t mean it has to be yours. It seems a lot of girls feel an expectation that they have to be present or entertain during the Super Bowl, however let consider some other options. Most guys don’t feel strongly about their girlfriend having to watch the game with them, whether it’s that they want to spend time with their friends or if they don’t want to have to feel the pressure of keeping you amused if you aren’t a football fan. This year why don’t you make the day as much about you as he will about the game?


1.       Make it a day about you and your friends

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Whether it’s treating yourselves to a fancy lunch or making a trip to your favorite hotspots in town make the most of the day. Everyone else will be watching the game, so aside from sports bars most places won’t be crowded and that’s something to take advantage of.


2.       Make the day as much about you as the game

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As long as you aren’t rude about it exerting some of your power in the relationship could lead to a fun day. Suggest his friends stay at their house today and the two of you do something original like a classy Super Bowl day. A bottle of wine and some homemade French cooking (as a couple?) while watching the game will lead to an entirely different vibe. If he isn’t convinced you can always remind him that if his friends aren’t at your house, then there’s nothing stopping the two of you from playing a game of your own.

3.       Spa day

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Listening to the guys getting progressively more drunk and loud can lead to a headache. Get away from the noise with a spa day. Whether it’s a bubble bath upstairs or a full outing to a spa you can’t go wrong with this one. The goal is to be so relaxed you forget that there is even a game going on.


4.       Have a boys and a girls viewing party

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For a fun middle ground set up two rooms as viewing spaces for the game. Let the boys be in charge of theirs and the girls can run theirs. This way everyone feels like they are spending the big day together but can conveniently control just how much the two parties interact. And if you think the game has nothing to offer you and your friends then remember this, the whole thing is a bunch of buff guys in tight pants tackling each other. If that’s not your thing then make your viewing party something entirely different than the game!


The biggest thing to keep in mind is that both you and the man in your life have a good Super Bowl weekend. He may not be convinced at first but a non-traditional game day may just be the best one yet, remind him that outside the box is often better, and regardless he still gets to watch the game.

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