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Ask The Men of OSU: Guys Biggest Turn Offs In Relationships

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

Every girl wants to know what men don’t like in a relationship.

So, I went around and asked a group of OSU men what their biggest turn off in a relationship was, and below are the ones that were the most common among the group of men.


1. Close Ended Questions

Men don’t like it when we ask questions we already know the answers to. One of the men said, “You want me to prove you right by being dishonest to myself.”


2. Dishonesty 

Nobody likes a dishonest person, and how are you going to have a trusting relationship if you are dishonest with your partner.


3. No Sense of Humor

Funny enough, men like it when we have a sense of humor! Being able to not take life so serious sometimes is a good thing.

Obviously you don’t need to be a stand up comedian, but  they enjoy women who can take a joke every once in a while.


4. Nagging Behavior

This is pretty self explanatory, but to all the women who are always harassing their man to do something, or asking him multiple times in a day if he will get a task done,

HEADLINING NEWS FOR YOU…he probably will never do it.

Which then leads to you nagging even more.


5. Insecure About Yourself

Be confident in yourself! Even if you have low self esteem, don’t let that effect his compliments towards you.

Another man said, “Not being confident in yourself makes me think all of my compliments are being disrespectful.”

So be confident in yourself and accept the compliment for what it is.


6. Lying

There is no reason to lie, because if your man is honest they expect us to be honest also. 

Lying is NOT the key to a healthy relationship, so just don’t do it.


7. Bad Hygiene

Each man had a comment to say about bad hygiene, but the one that stood out was taking care of your teeth.

Super simple and easy to brush your teeth, but I guess not for everyone.


8. Unappreciative Behavior

No matter how big or small your should appreciate anything, and everything your man gives you.

If you don’t like it let them know after, but make sure they know you enjoy what ever it is they got you, because it’s the thought that counts.


9. Lack of Communication 

No surprise that this was a big one. This is always a downfall in most relationships today.

Stay communicated and make sure to continue communicating even when your busy or times get tough.


10. Not Taking School Serious

Men like a woman with dreams and goals that they want to achieve, but if you don’t take your school work seriously you may not get to experience those dreams and goals.


Although these turn offs are from our OSU men, I really think they could apply to many men. So ladies, take note about these things and I hope these help in someway.