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7 Reasons We’ll All Miss President Obama

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

Let’s be real, Barrack Obama is an original. Regardless of how you feel about his policies, I think we can all admit that he is an absolute bro who has brought an openness to presidency like neverbefore.

 From his sass to his loving relationship with Michelle that shows us all that true love is possible, and his uncanny hopeful honesty, here’s 7 reasons why we’ll all miss him.


1. The Time He Aired His BIRTH Video

I remember this as the exact moment I fell absolutely head over heels in love with Barrack Hussein Obama. Guy is cool as a cucumber, and doesn’t let anything bother him. Also, who doesn’t love the Lion King? Dude has filmography CLASS.


2. The absolute beauty that is the love story of Barrack and Michelle

From holding hands around DC to shots of them bumping fists on the campaign trail, these two have proven to America what love should look like ALWAYS. They are best friends, sass queens, and absolute legends that have caused us all to fall madly in love with them.

3. His sass is REAL

Zach Galifianakis uses his show ‘Between Two Ferns’ to roast anyone who will come on the show, and man did he roast Obama. Obama is as humble as they come, but he knows how sling sass back! You do you, boo. 


From James Cordon’s show to her snapchat to calling Obama her boo on national television, she is lovable and quite frankly, cool as hell. But, recently she also gave a kickass speech that left us all close to tears, speaking up for women across the country. She speaks her mind, and she is inspirational to women and people all around. As First Lady she made a real difference with health and education and she will be greatly missed.


5. His Rise To Action Speeches

Obama is known for his passion and the pain he embeds in these speeches, the earth shattering honesty he conveys when tragedy strikes and the importance of us all coming together to act. Whether it was the gun violence, the Orlando club shooting, or countless other events he has inspired us to be better humans and to love those around us. 


6. His Humility 

What people say on social media about celebrities can be very disconcerting, and Obama is no exception. He read some of the mean tweets people have said about him, and laughed at them, gave them credit, and stared blankly at the hurt. Don’t ever say this guy doesn’t have a heart, or he doesnt care. He’s about as genuine as they come. 


7. His Call to Vote

For his entire presidency, Obama has welcomed controversy and diversity. When a Trump protestor interrupted him recently, he called the crowds to not boo him or attack him, but to instead respect the older veteran. He reminded us that in a country with free speech, people MUST have the right to voice their opinion, and to always respect our military. He calls us to instead vote and have our voices heard, rather than attacking someone who is doing the same thing. His perserverance and tolerance are humbling. 


We’ll miss you Obama! No one will ever be like you! You broke stereotypes and chilled us all to the bone with your honesty and your heart.

God Bless America.

I like coffee, crochet, and stories. Feminism is my theme song, and Parks and Rec is my show of the year. Never stop laughing.