7 Reasons Riverdale is Your Next Favorite Show

Riverdale: The CW's latest and sexiest release, full of intrigue, secrecy, and, well, sex. Riverdale is far from the Archie Comics of your childhood that the story and characters are based off of. It's a secret wrapped in some sarcasm wrapped in an enigma. So what's so great about it? Here we go:

1. The dark, brooding intrigue

Car jacking, secret identities, secret student-teacher romances, secret murders, basically there's a lot of secrets, in this rainy, dark water-front town. From B's mom making shady deals with Riverdale's gang, to Jason Blossom's mysterious death, this town is hiding quite a bit beneath it's dark exterior. 

2. Bad Ass Lady Friendships

In the original comics Betty and Veronica are frenemies at best, and nemeses at worst, solely based on their mutual affection for Archie. However, in this adaptation we see B and V as best friends, partners entwined, no boy could break the power of this friendship. This even extends to the show antagonist Cheryl Blossom, over time we see that female friendships take a front seat to the boys in their lives. #KudostotheCW

3. Drama, Drama, Drama

This drama is i-n-t-e-n-s-e stuff. From Cheryl's antics with the Rivervixens, to Betty's mom strict rules and even deeper secrets about her illusive sister Polly, to the ever soaring list of suspects in the death of Jason: the drama just keeps rising. Sass, wit, and even dangerous bribery is to be found here. 

4. Two Words: Jughead Jones

Witty, sarcastic, smart, and writing a novel about the hidden secrets beneath the surface of Riverdale? This boy is Riverdale's self proclaimed detective, with a secret of his own. He may just be the whole pacakge. Not to mention that Cole Sprouse is everyones favorite Disney twin that escaped the childhood actor demise. He makes watching this show about 10 times better. #cody4lyfe 

5. It's basically just a bunch of hot people. Usually making out.

They're all hot. All of them. And we all want to BE them. With their classic Archie outfits, their hopeless and tangible sexual tensions, and plentiful secret rendez-vous, this is definitely a reason worth watching. 

6. Sweet, sweet revenge 

Did you think that in a show full of this many secrets these characters would take being backstabbed lying down? Think again. If there's one more thing this show does right it's revenge. 

7. Pop's Diner

Don't forget the totally 50's diner, Pop's, from the original comics that's made it's way into this remake! The crew dishing over burgers and milkshakes is not only true to the comics of our childhood, but also to the aesthetic of our stomachs. 

So wait, what are you waiting for?