6 Things to Know About Your Roommates Before Moving in


Moving in with other people, whether it be someone you know or someone random, you want to know their habits.

You may think you know them until you notice little habits you may not be used to.

Get together before or after moving in to discuss the topics below!


1. Simple pet peeves:

When moving into my first apartment, I found out that asking my roommates about their pet peeves was something I found very helpful. Not only did I get to know them better when it comes to the things that they like and dislike, but doing this you are able to prevent drama.


2. Study habits:

Study habits is something that is very important to ask. Not everyone will study like you do, and some people like to study at night or during the day. You want your roommates to be able to succeed and not be bothered, so letting them concentrate when they are working is very important.

3. Introvert and extrovert

When living with people, you need to know their personalities when it comes to them being an introvert or extrovert. The extravert roommate could have a lot of friends over or barge into the introvert’s room, and it would just not be working out. If this is talked about beforehand, then they could meet halfway with habits and they’ll know when is okay to talk if they seem upset and so on.


4. Sleeping Habits

If you are used to waking up super early, but have a roommate that likes to sleep in, you would need to be polite and not bang the pots in the kitchen when you are cooking something that morning for example. Just like study habits, that is someone’s personal time. The same thing goes for someone who is a night owl, you can’t blast your music at 2 am when one of your roommate might have a really Important exam that next morning and is already asleep. Something that might work is find out who is a light sleeper and give them the room that is farthest from all noise.


5. Having people over

Your roommates walk in with a group of people and start yelling and laughing and go into your room to say hi. Some people would wipe their face and go out to hang out with them to get distracted. However, others might not be that open. This is when talking to your roommates about times, or even at the moment if you’re not feeling good to not have people over. Send a quick message to let them know if it’s not too late.

On a more general note, talking to your roommates about having people over during the week, morning, night time etc., is good to go over when first moving in. This goes with study habits and bedtime/quiet hours.


6.Cleaning habits

Growing up, everyone is taught differently on how to clean their home. What one roommate might find clean or “not a big deal” another might think the complete opposite. Talking about each other’s cleaning habits can help resolve who should be in charge of cleaning what.  As roommate’s you all can sit down and figure out who would not mind doing chores, and set a schedule on when to do them or if you want to rotate chores.