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5 Ways to Deal with the Stress of Preparing for Graduate School

I am a junior in college this year and planning on graduate school after I graduate. The stress of even thinking about having to start the application process soon can often times ruin the fun of the whole college experience. There is so much stress put on students who are thinking about furthering their education past a bachelors degree. These are just some of the ways that I have come up with to help me cope with the sometimes seemingly neverending stress of future planning.

1. Find a friend who is going through the same program

This is an easy way to talk through all of the stressors that often times plague your life when thinking about the future. Most likely someone else is going through the same anxiety and also has similar questions.

2. Talk to an advisor

This is literally their job. They are there to answer every question and give you guidance on the steps you need to take in order to prepare for the process of applying.

3. Find a person that has gone through the program

The thing that eases my mind the most is talking with people that have already or are currently in the programs that I am looking into. This helps push you in the right direction because these people have obviously been through the same things and succeeded.

4. Get involved in a hobby or club that is geared towards your future career

This can be a great way to meet the people in the 3 points above. Typically, the people that are in these clubs are there trying to learn about the steps they need to take. The club for my major brings in guest speakers to help the students learn about all options.

5. Find a hobby that has absolutely nothing to do with school

I put my focus outside of school on working out and training for a half marathon. It is a good release of extra stress and gets my brain away from school and future plans for at least an hour a day. This is one of the most important things that I do to cope with anxiety.

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