5 Valentines Day Gifts/Dates on a Budget

Love is in the air which also means spending a little more money than usual to show a loved one what they mean to you. No matter the date or gift it’s what comes from the heart that matters. So here are a few low-cost date/ gift ideas for your special someone on Valentine’s Day to keep you lovin’ on a budget!

  1. 1. “Open When Box”. 

    This simple gift is great for long distance couples. All you have to do is grab a box (decorate as you wish) and fill out some small notes such as “open when.. you miss me” “open when... you need a laugh” “open when.. it’s our anniversary” etc...

  2. 2. At Home Dinner Date

    Light some candles, grab some roses and wine and watch your S/O heart melt! Not only are you saving money but you get to cook your S/O’s favorite dish for them (while getting to stay in pj’s)

  3. 3. A Build-A-Bear

    This one is pretty cute and costs around $20-$50 depending on what you do with it. It’s something you hand pick, plus you can record a message for your loved one for when you aren’t there. What’s better than that??

  4. 4. A Scavenger Hunt

    Send your S/O on a little scavenger hunt to find their gift. It can consist of places you all have been together/are significant to your relationship. Not only is it a fun thing for you to do together, but it also makes a memorable date that they are sure to never forget.

  5. 5. A Mini Photo Shoot

    This one can be even a fun galentines day date! Grab your S/O or your gals and put on your best outfits to head out on the town (or at home if you prefer DIY) and get the best shots of each other. This fun little date makes you feel good about yourself and it’s fun to create.


Really, no matter what you do on Valentine’s Day or who you spend it with it’s all about the time spent together. So grab someone you love this Valentine’s Day and try some of these out!