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5 Things You Notice in Stillwater During Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

Whether you’re stuck in town all week or maybe just for a few days before you go on vacation, Stillwater can sometimes feel like a ghost town when most of the students clear out for Spring Break! Less distractions can really open your eyes to some of the cool things the city has to offer when there are roughly 15,000 less students wandering about.

Below are five things you may not have noticed before while everyone is in town:

1.  Hoyt Grove Park

We all enjoy going to El Tapatio on Perkins, especially when we can enjoy some cold margaritas out on the patio. Now that there aren’t as many margarita-drinking students around, you might notice there’s actually a park right next to the restaurant!

Hoyt Grove Park includes an 18-hole disc golf course complete with a challenging creek obstacle that has devoured many a disc in its day. Get your disc golf practice in when there are not as many students on the greens!


2.  Fountain Square Plaza

Located at 12th and Western, Fountain Square offers familiar favorites like Aspen Coffee and Riviera Tanning, but also offers some restaurant and nightlife options such as Sushi House and Gatsby’s (a speakeasy-themed bar). The plaza even comes with its own little pond, gazebo and of course, a fountain! Could you ask for a better setup to enjoy the peace and quiet?

3. Kameoka Trails

Imagine you’re waiting in the drive thru to get your daily Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks and because it’s not as busy as normal, you notice a strange trail in the distance. This trail is part of the Kameoka Trail Corridor and covers three miles around town (from 12th & Perkins all the way to Boomer Lake). It’s named after Stillwater’s sister city in Japan and offers a nice peaceful bike ride or walk that you may not have time to take when class is in session!

4. The Botanic Gardens at OSU

You may have seen the entrance to the Botanic Gardens at OSU on your way out of town before. Now that you’re not a part of all that outgoing traffic, you could stop in and take a moment to smell the roses – literally.

5. Sheerar Museum of Natural History

Finally, while you’re noticing all these things about Stillwater you’ve never seen before, your last stop should definitely be at the Sheerar Museum of Stillwater History at 7th and Duncan. This week a new exhibit opens that you should check out: Stillwater in the 1920s! And then of course go enjoy a drink at Gatsby’s after to stay in the ‘20s theme!   

I'm a first-year grad student at Oklahoma State University. I am involved with communication studies and gender issues. I'm a dog-person, not a cat-person, but only because I'm allergic to cats. I enjoy documentaries on Netflix and my favorite food is every food.