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Peach Pit by Peach Pit

I found a new playlist on Spotify called Surf Rock Sunshine. It’s my new favorite playlist because this is exactly what I love listening to. It is just soft rock that has sort of a Cali vibe to it, if that makes sense? Think of driving cross country to the beach and just vibing the whole way there. Also I just really love Peach Pit 

I’m Sad by eli.

Okay, this is a completely different vibe from the last one. Apparently this was a TikTok at some point, but I don’t know it. It came up in one of the TikTok playlists I follow and I am absolutely in love with it. The vocals are amazing and it gets stuck in my head. Very sad song, but very good!    

Writing On The Wall by Sam Smith

It was hard for me to choose between this song and the Billie Eilish song, but something about Sam Smith’s voice just hits me different. I want to be a spy so bad just for Sam Smith to sing about it. James Bond is problematic, but those Bond songs are amazing! 

Normalization Blues by AJJ

I am apart of a monthly record subscription service and they sent me this record and it’s amazing. Their songs are kinda weird, but that’s why I love them. In this song, they criticize the president and it’s iconic.  

Say So by Doja Cat 

Okay, I think I talked about this song in another article I posted, but can we talk about how hot Doja Cat is? Like I love her. Everything in this video makes me so happy. I’m torn because this is faux feminism because it still caters to the male gaze and that the actions done here are to please men, but also I love Doja Cat in this video and everything else she does. The song still goes hard.

Micah Damon

OK State '22

Hi! My name is Micah Damon and I am a trans sophomore at OSU. I am studying Arts Administration with a minor in American Sign Language and Gender Women's. Besides writing for Her Campus, I am apart of several different organizations and I work a lot. Outside of my responsibilities, I love shopping, hanging out with friends, and making art.