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5 Places You Wish You Could Travel To

“Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.” – Lewis Carrol Alice in Wonderland

Tired of being in the same old town? Pack your things, book a flight and go see what the world has to offer. These are a few beautiful places that I wish to be able to check off my bucket list one day.

Santorini, Greece     If I could book a flight anywhere right now it would definitely be Santorini. Blue clear water, beautiful architecture, and charming towns. Everything I could wish for as a dream vacation. Santorini is known for their dramatic views, and breathtaking sunset in the town of Oia. 

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia Off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia you would find the world’s largest coral reef and largest living structure. It’s so big that is visible for outer space. Swimming in the natural wonders of the great barrier reef would be a sign that you would never forget. Dive into a thousand of reefs home that are filled with colorful fish, dolphin’s turtles and many other unforgettable species.  

Europe     It’s easy to travel across many different countries in Europe. You can border hop between Rome, England, Ireland Spain, France, and Italy. Within Europe you are able to see so many beautiful cultures and people of all kind. So many cities with so much history and art something I really do hope to do one day.

Valentine, Texas     Now I do believe everyone should travel the whole United States but one place specifically that most people never would think of Is Valentine, Texas. Valentine is just off highway 90 and 26 miles northwest of the city Marfa. This little town is known for having some of the coolest art. One of the main things it is known for is the Prada building that they have. Its a random building you can not go it in but its known for pictures taken infront of it.

South America      A dream of mine is to be able to travel all of South America. Being a Hispanic but growing up in America didn’t give me the opportunity to see all of what the Hispanic culture has to offer. I would love to be able to go to Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chili, Venezuela and Colombia and see that side of my Hispanic culture. 


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