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The 5 Phases of Finals Week: As Told by Animal Gifs

Let’s face it. Finals week is the absolute worst. Everything you’ve learned over the entire semester will now be judged using one test. Pretty depressing, if you ask me. Thankfully, I know that I can always turn to the internet as a wonderful, temporary distraction to numb the pain of waiting for final grades to be entered and even better yet, I know that there will always be a plethora of animal gifs to make me happy. What better thing to relate to, than our furry friends of the web? Even animals can sense our 5 phases of finals week. 


Phase 1: Motivation

You’ve got this. You know that you do! You can conquer the entire universe thanks to your hard work and determination that has brought you thus far in the semester.You have studied, gone to office hours, and even missed a few nights of sleep putting the final touches on your papers. Who could possibly stand against someone with your level of motivation? No one. Who runs the world? You do. 


Phase 2: Doubt

How could this be? Finals week crept up way faster than you thought. You’ve gotten nothing done on your agenda today. At this point, you’re beginning to doubt what you have, or haven’t, learned. Everyone at your review session seems to be getting all the answers right as you frantically flip through your notes trying to find that page that you KNOW has the right answer on it. But, alas, you have nothing



Phase 3: Realization

It is now that you realize that you weren’t nearly as prepared as you thought you were. All of that studying clearly wasn’t enough. All of those late nights? Also not enough to save your test grade that will most likely be the destroyer of your GPA. You might as well burn all your notebooks now because nothing you have done has been right. 



Phase 4: Panic

This warm feeling deep inside… is it love? No, that’s panic. You immediatly begin to read your book word for word, at rapid speed, and maybe even up to two or three books at the same time. Notecards are flying everywhere and empty coffee cups litter the floor. You pass by a mirror on your way out of the library and try to remember the last time you showered. Panicking seems like a good option at this point. 



Phase 5: Acceptance

Ah, yes. Acceptance. This is a very beautiful phase of finals week. One moment you’re chugging energy drinks to stay awake, and the next moment, you’ve finished your tests and are packing to head home for the holidays. Suddenly you remember that everything will be okay, and no matter what happens, you should be PROUD of yourself. (And you should probably take a nap before you pass out in the middle of the classroom.)



Whether you’re in panic mode or acceptance mode, #hcokstate wishes you the best of luck during finals week!

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