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5 Healthy Treats That Still Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Healthy eating is something I’ve incorporated into my everyday lifestyle. However, an issue that comes up at times is that I’ve always had such a sweet tooth. If you find yourself wanting to eat right but need those sweet cravings, here are some delicious treats that you should try out! 


Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate Popcorn 

Chocolate isn’t known to be the healthiest food, but dark chocolate actually has many health benefits. It’s nutritious, proven to help with blood flow and pressure and is a good source of antioxidants!

My favorite kind of this is Boom Chicka Pop’s sea salt and dark chocolate drizzled popcorn. Low calorie and guilt free. 

Fruit Smoothie

Smoothies are sweet and delicious. However, some chain smoothie shops add a lot of sugar to their drinks. I suggest the best way to get a smoothie is to either order it without sugar or make it yourself!

Some of the best smoothies I’ve had are made with only fruit, almond milk and honey. The thing with smoothies, though, is you can get as creative as you want with them.

Peanut Butter & Banana Rice Cake

This snack is affordable and very easy to make. My favorite way to make them is with apple cinnamon rice cakes, peanut butter, banana and cinnamon. 

They’re so tasty and again, they can be uniquely made. 

Halo Top Ice Cream 

Everyone loves some ice cream, but not everyone loves the calories that can come with it. 

Halo Top is a healthier brand of ice cream that has many unique flavors to choose from.

Frozen Grapes

This snack is pretty much the most simple. It’s easy, delicious and you can’t go wrong with frozen fruit. 

Makenzie Massey

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Hi! My name is Makenzie. I'm a junior at Oklahoma State and I'm majoring in strategic communications. Some passions of mine are cooking, traveling and expressing creativity!
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