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4 Reasons You Should Not Vote For Gary Johnson

Let’s be honest with ourselves, this election season sucks. Amidst the turmoil of email scandals, circus-like primary debates, and racism, it’s easy to see why many voters would seek out an option outside of our country’s traditional two party system. Despite the fact that the United States has not elected a minor party candidate to the White House in over 160 years, one of these third party hopefuls has recently gained quite a lot of national visibility: Libertarian Party Candidate Gary Johnson. 

Johnson’s campaign slogan literally is, “Google Gary Johnson.”

If you’re too lazy to do that, here’s a brief overview. The former 2-term New Mexico Governor, and current marijuana company CEO already has one election under his belt; he received less than 1% of the popular vote in 2012. Once again, the Libertarian Party’s nominee socially liberal/fiscally conservative platform is now reaching a much wider audience. This time, he and his running mate, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, will be on the ballot in all 50 states and Washington DC. 

What’s the downside, you ask? Much like movie marathons or communism, the idea of casting your ballot for Gary Johnson in November sounds like a great theory, but is actually a terrible concept.

Here’s the top 4 reasons why:


1. He’s unnervingly misinformed on important issues.

Behold, Gary Johnson, candidate for Commander in Chief, having seemingly no knowledge of the existence of the city at the center of the Syrian conflict. Even though this public blunder is by far his most well-known, he is also operating under a few more misplaced beliefs. Remember when he claimed that the sun will swallow the earth befor climate change becomes a real problem? Another recent gem from Gary: when he shared on CNN that he was “Greatful that nobody got hurt” during the terrorist attacks in New York City and St. Cloud…where 38 people were injured. 


2. His misogynistic jabs at Trump are problematic.

If there’s anything I would beg you to reconsider more than voting Johnson, it’s casting your ballot for the, sentient honey-baked ham, that is Donald Trump. Trump is a racist and sexist. Do I support Johnson calling him a “pussy” on national television? Absolutely not. On behalf of female reproductive systems everywhere, I’m honestly offended by the comparison. 


3. Despite what anybody says, a 3rd party vote isn’t helping anything.

Many media outlets, and Gar-Bear himself, would lead you to believe that his presence on the ballot in all 50 states would attract more moderate conservatives away from Trump. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Poll after poll, report after report finds that Johnson’s tipping of the two party scales could have very real, very dire, very real consequences come November. 


4. He dresses like my dad did in 2004. 

Ok listen, I know how superficial this one is, but I just can’t get over it. No shade to my dad, it’s just that my dad isn’t trying to run a serious campaign for the highest office in the land. Please review the evidence below: 


Still planning to cast you vote for Johnson/Weld on November 8th? I can’t stop you.

That’s the beauty of democracy: we all have the right to make our own informed (or uninformed) decision.

Olivia is a multimedia journalsm major from Fort Worth, Texas. When she isn't wasting her time on twitter (@normalolivia) she enjoys thrift shopping, writing, going to art museums, supporting the Oklahoma State Cowboys, and trying to FaceTime her dog.  
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