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4 Reasons to Love Post Malone

Although Post Malone has unarguably the most beautiful singing voice in the world, there are thousands of other reasons to love him. However, so as not to take up all of your time, I have listed only 4.

1. He always looks fashionable

Who doesn’t love a man with style?


2. He has great dance moves

He sings AND dances? What more could we ask for?




3. His tweets are hilarious

Is there really anything better than a funny tweet (other than Post Malone)?

4. He stays true to himself

If you don’t love Post Malone by now, I’m convinced you’re a robot.


Post Malone’s new album, Beerbongs and Bentleys, comes out on April 27, 2018. If you don’t listen to it, I’m sure he won’t fall apart, but you’ll still be a psycho.

Deirdre Stock is a freshman at Oklahoma State University. She is pursuing a double degree in marketing and management along with minors in fashion merchandising and Spanish. She loves dogs, makeup, and dance. She is originally from Collinsville, Oklahoma, and hopes to have the opportunity to live in many different states after she graduates.
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