3 Reasons You Should Listen to BTS If You Like American Pop

BTS: If you haven't heard of them yet, you're bound to soon enough. The seven member boy band out of Seoul, South Korea have in the most recent years become worldwide global phenomenons. In 2017, they won Top Social Artist at the Billboard Awards, an award which they then were nominated for and won again in 2018. Earlier this year, they were invited to present at the Grammys. Just this week, it was announced that not only are they up for another Top Social Artist award for the Billboard Music Awards, but now they are also nominated for the Top Group/Duo as well. As they grow in popularity, this may leave you wondering: would I like BTS's music? Here are 3 reasons why you should listen to BTS if you like American Pop Music.

  1. 1. Their Production and Beats are High Quality 

    Unlike other Kpop groups, BTS has the freedom to make much of their own production. They enjoy working on the things that they sing and dance to, and they love producing and writing songs. Not only this, but they work with other producers and DJs who also make high-quality music, such as their songs "Waste It On Me" and "Mic Drop Remix" which were both remixed/produced by Steve Aoki. 

  2. 2. Their Lyrics are Clever, Uplifting, and Fun

    In their latest trilogy of albums, aptly titled the "Love Yourself" series, BTS has given us a variety of songs that differ in mood, tone, and meaning, but that all center around positivity. In this trilogy, they address learning to love yourself and that it's okay to be upset sometimes. In their song "Love Yourself: Answer", there is a line they sing in English that has stuck with me: "You've shown me that I have reasons, I should love myself. I'm learning how to love myself". 

    They also have fun songs such as "Go Go" and "Anpanman" that truly showcase their bright personalities and fun personas, and then other songs like "Love Maze" and "Fake Love" that pertain to the common theme of relationship type love.

  3. 3. They Love Their Fans and Are Authentic People

    BTS love interacting with their fanbase, whom they call "Army". They go live often to answer questions and talk with fans, they are always producing content (such as their show Run BTS that can be watched at vlive.tv), and ARMY are always who they thank first after winning any type of award. They are humble and kind, never talking bad about other groups or putting anyone down. They are open about their struggles with anxiety, depression, and feeling inadequate. These seven boys are open and honest about who they are, and their fanbase loves them for that.

So, as you search for new music to listen to, keep BTS in mind! Lyric videos to translate their lyrics into English are only a YouTube search away. Their next album "Map of the Soul: Persona" comes out on April 12th, and they will be performing two new songs from this album on Saturday Night Live on April 13th.