YouTube Videos That Defined My Childhood

After criticism surrounding his video where he visits Japan’s suicide forest, Logan Paul recently returned to YouTube after a three-week break. He actually put out a video letting the world know that he is still “lit as f*ck”. With all this YouTube celebrity drama, I miss the YouTube videos from my middle and high school days. These were the days before the Paul brothers’ rise to fame, before DaddyOFive was charged with child neglect for the pranks he played on his kids and before there were ads before all the videos. These videos below were made in a simpler time. So put on your favorite Hollister sweatpants and log onto Internet Explorer and enjoy my personal favorite videos from the 2000s.   

1. Llamas with Hats This was simultaneously hilarious to me and also gave me a slight fear of llamas. 

2. Charlie the Unicorn Because who doesn’t love unicorns and adventures? 

3. Shoes The ultimate shoe shopping anthem 

4. Muffins Don’t let the title mislead you. Don’t watch this while eating. 

5. David After Dentist This was the original post-dental work video. 

6. Leave Britney Spears I mean, no one should ever be making fun of the Princess of Pop.

7. Charlie Bit My Finger This summed up what life is like with siblings.

  8. Fred This kid made a ton of videos and they all featured him talking in an annoying high-pitched voice. 

9. Annoying Orange If you haven’t watched these videos, they feature a lot of fruit with human facial features. And that’s all you need to know.