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Your Closet: Move It Out and Clean It Out

It’s that time of year again in Athens, Ohio. Dorms are emptying, Court Street is less crowded and students are filling up the library. Summer is upon us and it’s time to move out. Packing can be a real pain. It seems like you’ve only acquired more stuff since you’ve been here and it won’t all fit in the family’s minivan.
Now’s the perfect time to go thru your closet and assess what clothes are the good, the bad and the just plain ugly.
The Ugly
Stains and Holes- Unfortunately that tank top you wore to 8fest may be on the last leg of its life. Holey and stained clothes should be tossed immediately. Although some of them can be saved with a little patchwork or some bleach, it’s best to get rid of them.
Too Small- Holding on to your fave tee from high school? If it’s starting to look a little tight, it’s time to say goodbye. Clothes that don’t quite fit anymore may hold lots of good memories, but they also take up what little space is left in the closet.
If You Haven’t Worn It In a Year- This is the general rule of thumb that most women go by when cleaning their closets. Don’t try and convince yourself that you’ll wear it again. If you can’t remember the last time you wore it, then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll never wear it again.

The Bad
Repeats- Everybody has them hidden in the back of their closet, whether it is a pile of white tees or a cache of Old Navy flips, all in the same color, repeats happen. Usually they’re essentials a girl can’t live without, but minimizing the number of repeats can de-clutter your space.
Clean-Up Your Wardrobe- Don’t shy away from tailoring your clothes. If you lose weight and some of your clothes don’t fit anymore, take them to a tailor. They can fix the clothing so it suits your body again. It may cost a little bit, but it’s worth it to keep your best clothing.
Revamp Your Shoes- Shoes are the victims of everyday wear and tear. Hiking on the bricks of Athens nine months of the year can tear them up even faster. Take your shoes to a cobbler and if the cost to fix them is less than what you paid for them, go ahead and drop the money to have them cleaned up.

The Good
Donate, Donate, Donate- Once you’ve decided what to keep and what to get rid of, take your old clothes to Good Will or any other thrift store. The clothes will be put to good use and have a second life with someone else.
Pack It Up- Avoid throwing your stuff into one box and organize by sweaters, shoes, bottoms/dresses and tops. It’ll make your life a lot easier when you get home and it’s time to unpack.
Keep It Fresh- Put mothballs in your sweaters that you are keeping packed up til the fall. This will keep them from getting eaten by the critters that lurk in basements. Also pack dryer sheets in with your clothes so they smell good when you go to unpack.
Cleaning your closet can seem like an insurmountable task, but take advantage of the fact that you have to pack it up anyway. You’ll feel relieved knowing that all that extra stuff is all gone.

Taylor is a graduate of Ohio University and former Co-Editor of Her Campus' OU branch. She would like to eventually work in the publishing industry with hopes of living in New York, San Francisco or Seattle. In her free time, Taylor enjoys reading, volunteering, or hitting up the most hipster joints in town.
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