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Why I Chose Ohio University

Choosing colleges for me was pretty easy for me because I knew what I was looking for. I’m a journalism major, so going to a school that has a good program was important to me. Ohio University was very high on my list for a few reasons. I had gone to the Scripps School of Journalism camp, which helped high school students gain experience in journalism. I loved the experience, and I fell in love with the campus right away. 

I had a list of my top 5 colleges, and Ohio University was on the list. Admittedly, for a time, I was torn between DePaul and Ohio University. However, I just fell in love with the campus and the people. Everyone was so nice, the people just made me feel at home. I would walk around during tours, and it felt normal for me. Ohio’s campus is very beautiful as well, and the scenery is something I love looking at. 


It was important for me to get a good education. I knew that the journalism program would give me great opportunities to learn. I know that for a fact now because I have taken several journalism courses. They have helped me grow so much in so little time, but I always feel like there’s more to learn. The education here has really helped me expand my mind and become much more knowledgeable. 

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Now, as a sophomore at Ohio University, I feel like I’m at home. I have made so many amazing friends and had so many incredible experiences here. I just don’t think I could see myself anywhere else, honestly. I feel there’s a type of experience you get here, unlike any other. I’m just grateful I picked Ohio University because it has become my home for me!


Amy is currently a sophomore at Ohio University. She is majoring in journalism strat comm and is the PR Chief for Thread Magazine, writes for HerCampus and work for 1804Communication. In her free time she loves to explore new places with her friends, spend time with her boyfriend and go to concerts and museums.
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