Why HallOUween Isn't All That

You may hate me but I don’t think HallOUween is as much fun as everyone makes it out to be. 

1. There are so many people. Usually, this doesn’t bother me because I’ve been to the fests and other large activities but there is something about it taking 20 minutes to get up a hill that usually takes maybe 5 minutes that doesn’t sit right with me.

2. There is no cell service. Due to the thousands of people, the service usually goes out. This makes things complicated if you get separated from your friend group. It can also increase someone’s anxiety, which is no fun.

(Photo courtesy of Giphy)

3. If you don’t have a house on the main street, then you have to resort to paying those houses money to enter their parties or you have to go to court street. This isn’t that awful, but it is ridiculously crowded and the bars are even worse. 

4. I don’t like that there are so many unfamiliar faces and you never know what could happen at any given second. I understand that any big event at Ohio University causes people from the outside to come, but it is never this many people. I focus on being more aware than having fun.

5. The weather in Ohio is so bipolar; we all know this. Last year, it was randomly nice and sunny. For this year, the weather was cold and rainy. This only made small areas even more congested. 

6. The next day, if you wanted to go out for breakfast, you literally can’t. I mean, you can, but the wait might be a couple hours. There is a lack of breakfast options in Athens, Ohio; therefore, everyone tries going to these restaurants the morning after. 

I know these are all negatives and downsides to HallOUween, but I guess it is what you make of it. Just be safe and smart!

(All photos courtesy of Giphy)