Why Breakfast Should Be Served On The Weekends

As finals draw nearer, being energized and focused becomes a main key to the success of your exams. It is impossible to function properly without the right fuel. For example, when a car runs out of gas, it begins to show signs of uneasiness and sluggishness because it doesn’t have its motivation/required gas. 

During the weekdays, breakfast is available at the dining halls from 7:15 to 9:15. This is hot breakfast that includes foods like pancakes, eggs, sausages, and hash browns. Continental breakfast is available afterwards and provides food items like bagels, yogurt, and fruit.

This is perfect for classes, because if you need to get up early and stay rejuvenated for the remainder of the day, you can easily head to the nearest food court and get something quick to eat with a cup of coffee or juice and move on to your class. 

But then what about the weekend? The two days that you have off from classes and prefer to wake up late and start your day with more ease. Well, unless you live near a court that serves continental breakfast on the weekends like Nelson, then you are out of luck. 

The problem with not having breakfast at all dining halls on the weekends is that it prevents people from starting their day properly. Researchers from the University of Hohenheim in Germany conducted a survey that Time Magazine wrote about in 2017, that showed that regular breakfast eaters are at less risk for developing health problems like type 2 diabetes. 

By now, everybody is aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Indulging in regular breakfast eating means that the body is becoming more accustomed to a well-rounded diet that results in more vitamins and minerals being absorbed by the body. 

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But even though this is common knowledge, many people don’t follow it. The NPD Group, a market research company, found that 31 million Americans skip breakfast daily as of 2011. Research also shows that skipping breakfast daily could result in health problems like obesity, which is a huge issue within America. 

So even with this knowledge, why isn’t breakfast being served to students on the weekends? Well, one of the main problems would be that students are the ones who work at the dinning halls. But why not divide shifts? Students could be giving shifts to work on the weekend because classes generally do not occur on Saturday or Sunday, so availability would not be a major problem. Yet, it is understandable that getting up early on the weekend to work may not be a choice many would rather have. So why not provide this as an extra money-making shift? Maybe you need some quick bucks, this would be perfect because you would be working overtime practically, so it was your choice. 

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Making breakfast available on the weekend would help many students not just make extra money, but also stay rejuvenated and relaxed for their time off before they must go back to the hard and complicated life of schoolwork. Because during the weekday, many people struggle to get up early and must rush to class, so why not provide them with the option to relax on the weekend and still get the most important meal of the day?