A Whole New World: Artificial Intelligence

The world has always been changing. We have developed from being an agricultural community of voyagers to the industrial revolution, and now it’s time for artificial intelligence to make its big move. Of course, there were a few more steps involved when the world was evolving, but what is important is that we are on the brink of another big change. The general concept of artificial intelligence is technology that is developed to do the work that normally requires a human to complete. Our world is developing to include artificial intelligence in all types of jobs.  

When someone first brings up artificial intelligence, a common thought is self-driving cars and robots. I’m not sure who initially fronted the driverless car project, but many companies have joined in. Uber was planning a fleet of driverless cars, but that is no longer in motion after that accident we all saw on Twitter a while ago. General Motors, who is number one in developing driverless cards, has a developed a car without a steering wheel. Familiar companies, like Ford and BMW, are among the many developing an autonomous car. Behind the scenes, there are people looking into driverless trucks too. Self-driving trucks might still be a few years ahead of us, but plans are in the making. Some might still be skeptical about the reality of self-driving vehicles, but that reality might become true in our lives very soon.

A common argument is the impact of AI on jobs. A man named Calum McClelland wrote a great article covering everything related to AI and job loss. We already know that some workers are being displaced. Jobs, like making pizza and being a cashier are being taken over by technology. There are also jobs like radiologists and bank tellers that are being impacted. McClelland’s rule of thumb is that “middle of the road jobs” are being lost. These are the ones that require little training and consist of repetitive tasks. Jobs that require a lot of education, physical work and face-to-face communication are safe for the time being.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. It might seem like it at first, but as the world begins to move forward, hopefully, we will see these losses in a positive way. It sounds contradictory, but hear me out. Taking away menial and boring tasks, encouraging someone to learn a new skill, and developing the world are not bad things. Technology is giving back more jobs then it is taking, often giving back more fulfilling positions.  Jobs in a technical field or jobs requiring human connection can give these workers a greater sense of worth.

It is safe to admit that artificial intelligence is developing faster than we thought.  This isn’t bad, as it is doing so much to make our world more efficient. The job losses and confusing technology can seem daunting at first, but they are doing great things for the world already. We are absorbing lost jobs somewhere else in the market, making leaps in medical advances, and making our lifestyle more efficient. Artificial Intelligence is going to be the “New Age”, just wait and see.