What Will be Missed Over Winter Break on Campus

Over winter break, the majority of students leave Ohio University to spend a month at home. During this time, the holidays are spent with family, students can rest and old friends are seen once again. With that being said, however, the campus will be missed dearly by many. Here are just a few things that students will look forward to when coming back for the spring semester:


  1. Freedom from parents

Although you might be an adult and living on your own while at school, when you come home, you are back under your parent’s roof. This means following their rules once again, including family dinners, curfews and actual quiet hours.

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2. Eating when you want

On campus, students can eat whatever and wherever they want. They do not have to wait for their family or wait for dinner to be made. They simply are able to eat when they want to, which will not be the case when home for the break.


Brick streets

While everyone has slipped on these bricks at some point, the uniqueness that they add to campus will be missed.

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4. Dorm rooms

A student’s room is their own place of independence. They can have it set up how they want, as clean as they want and the temperature they want. At home, students will miss their own room at school, the setup and the structure that they have created for themselves.


5. Court Street

While students miss food on campus, they will miss food on Court Street even more. The unique variety of food uptown compares to nothing at home and will be greatly missed during break and will likely be one of the first locations students visit when they arrive back on campus at the start of spring semester.

(Photo courtesy of Ellen Pettey Photography)


6. Walking to get anywhere you want

Walking is the main mode of transportation for students on campus. While at home, you simply cannot walk to a coffee shop or to a friends house who lives far away. Having to drive everywhere for even something as small as food will get old very fast.


7. New friends

Meeting new friends on campus is an amazing experience. While you get to see old friends while on break, new friends part ways going to different hometowns. When spring semester rolls around, friends on campus will finally get to reunite.

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While many aspects of campus will be missed, Ohio University students will hardly miss the hills that they take every day to class.