What To Tell Your Family When You Come Home From College

With the semester ending, many students will be heading back home. This will mean seeing their families again after a couple of weeks and months have passed. When at a family event, you will be the target of the classic question, “How’s college?” This can often bring fear, stress and anxiety to the student who has floated throughout the year and does not have a definite answer. To help ease this painful conversation, here is a list of things to tell you family, and an even longer list of things to not tell your family:  

Do tell:

1. Good grades you got -

Show off the fact that you took classes serious and received good grades. Whether you made the Dean’s list or not, take pride in your work and show it off.

2. Friends you made -

Let family know you did not just sit in your dorm all day (even if you did) and actually got out and made friends in classes, the dorm, or on campus.

3. Organizations you are involved with -

Nothing looks better to family members than the fact you were involved in different organizations on campus. Let them see the hard work and dedication you have for these programs.

4. Scholarships -

Got a new scholarship? Tell your family about it. They will love to hear how much you have received and the reasoning behind it such as being awarded for your work or grades.

5. Future plans -

If you already know future plans such as a summer job, internships or classes, your family will love to hear that you have plans to use your degree or begin saving money.

Do NOT tell:

1. Tattoos -

It might not be the best thing to show your family that spur of the moment tattoo you got, especially if they are not fond of the idea of tattoos.

2. Piercings -

Just like tattoos, if your family is no fond of piercings, try to hide them or remove the jewelry if you are able to.

3. Going out -

I do not think your family wants to hear about you and your friends going out to parties or to bars. Keep that information to yourself.

4. Fest season-

Along with going out, your family does not need to know every detail about Fests and what happens at them.

5. Failed exams -

While discussing passing grades, do not let your family know about your failed exams.

6. Dropping out of classes -

Dropped out of a class mid semester? It is best to not let your family know what happened. Instead, tak about the good things from the semester.

7. Gaining weight -

The “freshman 15” is a real phenomenon. Your family does not need to know that this is a phenomenon. 

8. Money you have spent -

So you have spent a little more than your thought you would at school. While it is always good to ask for some extra spending money from your family, they do not need to know how much you have spent, and what you spent it on.

Hopefully these lists will be helpful when it comes to having conversations with your family about college while you are back at home. Good luck and stick to the list.

(All photos courtesy of Giphy)