What OUr staff loved about HCOU this year

The end of the spring semester is coming to a close. While our staff is wishing for finals week to be done, HCOU shared some of their favorite memories from this past year.

Brooklynn Kramer: I've loved watching us grow and how close I got to some of the girls this semester! Bonding over slice night and fests are the best!

Emily Daffron: I have so many great memories from this year. Our yoga event, our promo video, and putting on an awards ceremony for our writers has made this year so fun and fabulous. But I've loved bonding with my best friends the most! 

Heidi Kranz: The best part about being a member of HCOU is creating a bonf with the staff over our similar interests. We are all there to speak to the women of Ohio U. And I am lucky enough to have an internship with the new Campus Correspondent Paige Bennett this summer! 

Taylor Stano: I've enjoyed getting to know our newer staff members through our different events. From tabling at the Women's Day Festival to having our first HCOU awards ceremony, I've really bonded with great people and shared great memories with them! I'm thrilled to be going to #HerConference with Brooklynn, Paige, Casey and Emily from HCOU this summer! NYC here we come!

Kate Keverline: I am SO glad I joined the HCOU staff! It's been so great to write about anything I want and really explore my creative side. Can't wait for next year! 

Paige Bennett: Some of my favorite moments include hitting up slice night with some of the HCOU girls, competing in the Turtle Tug and watching Heidi slide through Jello-O, finding inner peace during yoga at Inhale, and sharing what HCOU is all about on the 740 radio show!

Emma Schoonmaker: My favorite experience with HCOU this year was meeting an entirely new netowrk of friends that share my love of writing and fun girly things. I'll miss this organization so much over the summer, and can't wait to see what next semester will have in store for us! 

Becca Cain: I am so happy I joined HCOU! I love being able to passionately write about almost anything I want. As a group, we accomplished so much and I am proud of every member! I can't wait for the next three years.