What HCOU Learned at Her Conference 2015

Some of our HCOU girls traveled to NYC this summer for Her Campus’s annual Her Conference, a weekend-long conference that provides career advice and development for collegiettes™.

With not nearly enough sleep and so much fun to be had, HCOU had an amazing experience networking, learning, and growing throughout the extended trip.

Here’s some highlights if you’re interested in attending next year’s Her Conference:

“Her Conference is an experience that I’ll always be grateful for. The moment that stood out to me most is when Michelle Tan, Editor-In-Chief of Seventeen, gave the following advice: ‘Everything you’ve done up until this point is right, it’s what got you here!’ As part of Her Campus, a team filled with college’s hardest working ladies, even we need encouragement like that sometimes!

Personally, my favorite panel was Freelance Fiends: Life Outside The 9-5, because I realized that freelance writing could be a great post-grad career option for me. I’m also a makeup artist who is interested in PR, so a career like that is flexible enough to allow me to do everything. The best part about this panel was DoSomething.org’s Managing Editor Ben Kassoy. He had a lot of humor and brightened up the early morning that all attendees had.

Overall, Her Conference was well-worth the eight-hour drive. I recommend the event to girls looking into fashion journalism or public relations. With so much pink, free stuff and all-you-can-eat Chipotle everywhere, Her Conference is something that I will talk to others about for years.”


“Her Conference was one of the best experiences of my life with the greatest team I could imagine. Hearing influential women speak and empower over 100 other young women made me so proud to be a part of Her Campus. The amenities and prizes exceeded the cost of the event, and the memories are priceless. Chipotle and other fine snacks were a great bonus, and I even won an Intel Lenovo 2-in-1 laptop! I can't wait to attend Her Conference next year to see what other exciting things they have in store!”



HCOU girls ready to explore NYC.


Her Conference was the highlight of my summer. It was one of the greatest opportunities that I have had since coming to Ohio University. I wish that I could say that there was one moment that was greater than the next, but I really can’t. Bonding with the girls on my team was a different experience because we were in a new city and had a lot of traveling to do. Even with all of the moving around and hustle, we still managed to have a blast together.

Every speaker that attended Her Conference was inspirational in his or her own way. The one thing that I learned while at the conference is that I really can be anything that I want to be. It sounds simple, but my major, communications, is very broad. After listening to how their careers got to the places that they were, it inspired me to simply follow what I am interested in. Even though I am not going to school for journalism I see that there are still many opportunities to get into the fashion world of writing without just one major. It was inspiring to see real women who have gone through obstacles and have still come out on top!”


“Her Conference was the experience of a lifetime. In just two days, I felt more inspired and more educated than I ever have before. We had a multitude of panels to attend, ranging from Does the Devil Really Wear Prada?: Life In An Entry Level Editorial Position to Marketing Mavens: Mapping Out a Career in Marketing. There really was something for everyone!

One of my favorite speakers was Lisa Arbetter, editor of People StyleWatch. Arbetter gave us wonderful, utterly truthful advice I’ll carry with me forever: 'Life, like your mood, swings;' 'You will fall, sometimes literally;' and 'What you fear will happen, will happen. And you’ll live.'”


HCOU members showing our sassy sides at Her Conference.

“I’ve been obsessed with Her Campus since I joined Ohio U’s chapter two years ago as a freshman. Her Conference made me that much more obsessed, and I was surrounded by other intelligent women who loved HC as much as I do. I soaked up every bit of advice from each speaker, and I came away from the event smarter and more confident than I have ever felt. I also won Chipotle catering, which was awesome. I will forever be thankful for everything I have gained from Her Campus and Her Conference.”


Her Conference 2015 was an incredible experience. The keynote speakers, the panelists and the other Her Campus members truly inspired me throughout the whole weekend. We took great career and life advice from People StyleWatch’s Lisa Arbetter and Seventeen’s Michelle Tan. I learned a great deal about pay inequality and women’s rights from Terri McCullough, the director of No Ceilings: The Full Participation Project. Laura Brounstein, the Special Projects Director from Cosmopolitan, reminded all of us that women do rule and are capable of doing spectacular things with the #ActuallySheCan campaign. Just reminiscing about this conference makes me wish I could go back to NYC in a heartbeat with my fellow HCOU girls!



HCOU made the cut! Check us out at the :30 mark of the Her Conference 2015 recap video.