What To Get Your Secret Santa

With Christmas right around the corner, your friends are probably beginning to throw your names into a hat and draw to see who will be buying each other gifts. The dreaded, yet exciting ritual of secret Santa. But finals are also coming up and the last thing you need is another layer of stress. Here are some gift ideas to make this year’s secret Santa stress-free.

1. Fuzzy Socks

Who dislikes receiving fuzzy socks? No one. If you are looking to go with the safe gift and ensure satisfaction and great use of your money, get your secret Santa recipient a pair of fuzzy socks! And if you are looking to show more effort, get creative with the kind of socks you get. Instead of the $3 pair of snowflake socks from Target, head over to Amazon and spend $16 on these super cute animal socks!

2. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs may not be great for college dorms but they’re a great way to give your friend the chance to relax at home during winter break. This is the perfect gift if you have the friend who is interested in beauty and allows time for self-care. You could personalize it and find out what their favorite color is or purchase one that promises a fizzling experience.

3. The Year Long Joke

Every friend group has the running inside joke that could bring you all to tears at any time. And what better way to spread joy to your friends than to have them doubling over with laughter when they unwrap their gift. Whether it is a printed image of a gif that continues to reappear in the group message or a Walmart item, give your friend the gift of laughter

4. The Need

Do you remember the recurring item that your friend is always mentioning over and over that they need? Well, now is your time to give it to them. Notice them getting soaked every time it rains? Find them a cute umbrella. (here is a list of 8 fun umbrellas to consider). Are they always talking about how scared they get walking around without a phone case? Customize one with a picture of your friend group and wrap it up for a great surprise come the night of your gift exchange.

5. Gift Sets

If none of the previous gifts seem right for your secret Santa recipient, then head to Walmart and find a gift set that matches their personality. The shelves are stacked with a variety of gift sets, there is a perfect one for everybody. Choose from the relaxing bath set, the Starbuck set, or the margarita set. This gift is quick, easy, and guaranteed to be a hit at the gift exchange!