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What Billie Eilish song you should listen to based on your specific mood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

Currently, Billie Eilish is my favorite singer. Her life-changing vocals are soft yet calculated, paired with unique beats and meaningful lyrics, creating an immersive listening experience anyone can enjoy. At times, I have felt inferior to Billie’s success- but it is impossible to not adore this singer and her heavenly vocals. I know I do not stand alone since her worldwide hit “Ocean Eyes” was released, Billie has built up an enormous following. The eighteen-year-old has since won album of the year, record of the year, song of the year, new artist and pop vocal album at the Grammy Awards and now has even performed “No Time To Die” for the upcoming James Bond Film. Therefore, I will supply you with the perfect Billie Eilish song to listen to based on specific moods and events. Some of these are serious and some are silly, either way, listen to them, and you will not be disappointed. 

“Everything I wanted”: When you are on your walk to class and you want to pretend you are in a dramatic music video. 

“My Boy”: When you are trying to get over your toxic ex OR when you want to make him jealous so you find a new boy

“I love you”: When the guy you fall for confesses he’s not over his ex OR when you are laying in bed wanting to cry to something sad just to be in the mood 

“Bad guy”: When you need a dose of bad bish energy to remember who you are OR when you are speeding down the highway 

“When the party’s over”: When you force yourself to be social even though you wanted to be alone

“Lovely”: When you need help overcoming a depressive episode OR when you are taking a bath and want to feel like you’re floating 

“Wish you were gay”:  When the guy you like starts leaving you on read because you don’t get the hint that he isn’t interested 

“Ocean Eyes”: When you are sitting outside tanning and dreaming about spring break 

“Bellyache”: When you are trying to procrastinate your paper that is due by midnight OR when you want to feel a bit criminal 

“All the good girls go to hell”: When you need an excuse to go party on a school night 

“Bury a friend”:  When it’s 3 a.m. and none of your friends are awake to help you through a mental breakdown  

“You should see me in a crown”: When people are making you feel like you are not enough 

“Idontwannabeyouanymore”: When you can’t stand to look at your reflection in the mirror 

“Xanny”: To remind yourself to do hugs and not drugs 

“8”: When the guy you like doesn’t notice you 

“Hostage”: when you can’t stop thinking about that special person 

“Listen before I go”: When you are about to graduate college and are leaving all the friends you made to move on to bigger better things 

“Bitches broken heart”: When the guy that rejected you is still watching your Insta stories 

“My strange addiction”: So you don’t feel alone about your strange/weird habits 

“Party favor”: when you realize you are worth more than the way your SO is treating you

“Bored”: When you’re tired with the games he’s playing

“Watch”: When you see your ex at a party and want to make him miss you 

“COPYCAT”: When you need to feel like you’re the most important girl in the room and nobody can own your look

“Six Feet Under”: When you are experiencing sad girl hours 

“No Time To Die”: When you are feeling like 007 and need to channel that red lipstick energy 

Darian Berdysz is an Ohio University graduate. While at school, she studied Communications, Marketing, and Social Media at the Scripps College of Communications. She was also involved with Thread Magazine, Ohio Multimedia Society was a Communication Executive for University Program Council and the Vice President of Students Professionals of Communication Studies. Darian enjoys dancing and singing at every chance she gets, traveling, and spending time with her friends.