Valentine's Day Already?

There are only a few days left until Valentine’s Day and your significant other hasn’t mentioned to the holiday. What do you do?

The biggest tip one can give is that you need to communicate. If you are in a new relationship or have been in a long relationship, it’s important to talk beforehand to avoid any miscommunications that might turn into fights. If the holiday is important to you, be honest about it. Don’t downplay your feelings if you are unwilling to match them when Valentine’s Day comes around. Mostly, don’t assume they know what you want or how you feel.

If talking doesn’t help then suggest a plan, or suggest making plans. Our society is still a little bit stuck on thinking that a guy needs to plan a date night. Well, its 2019 folks, relationships aren’t exclusively heterosexual and feminism is a thing. That said, both partners can put in the effort to plan something nice. Be careful of planning a lavish night out if you haven’t talked about Valentine’s Day expectations. A big date for someone who is a minimalist when it comes to romance can turn into a very uncomfortable night.

Think about the other person’s feelings. Do they avoid Valentine’s Day because they don’t want to spend money on a Hallmark Holiday? Do they stress over the expectations of romance? More questions can be answered when talking to your significant other. Of course, if they don’t like the holiday it doesn’t mean you have to dislike it also. Relationships require compromise and understanding, so talk about other romantic and subtle plans.

Valentine’s day can be the elephant in the room for blooming relationships. It can be something to talk about if you feel your relationship is in the right place. Just be careful you aren’t jumping in before the exclusivity talk. If you haven’t talked with your partner about where both of you stand in the relationship, then worrying about your Valentine’s date should be next year’s problem.

Lastly, skip the presents. For new relationships, it’s hard for both parties to find the right gift. For long relationships, one person will always spend more than the other. If you have other plans or haven’t talked about Valentine’s day, the easiest thing to avoid confrontation or awkwardness is to cut the gifts out of your plans. Of course, to each their own, but this is an easy and simple fix.

Valentine’s Day can be an enjoyable romantic holiday for some, and a sappy annoyance for others. The best way to fit this holiday into your relationship and make it satisfying for both parties is to talk about it beforehand. Communication is key.