The Ultimate Spring Break Reading List

If you need a good read and want to curl up this spring break to escape into another world, these amazing books are highly recommended. Here are some of my friend’s favorite books and why they love them:    

1. A Court of Thorns and Roses:

“It’s the perfect fantasy novel written for adults. There are so many good plot twists that you never see coming. At one point I threw the book across the room in shock” - Jackie Osborne

2. Looking for Alaska:

“The inspiring quotes and personal meanings make this book amazing” -Lindsey Beck

3. Perks of being a Wallflower:

“I felt like I was Charlie in middle school and high school and it feels as if this book is a parallel to my life. In my opinion, the reason it is so good is because it is so relatable” -Lindsey Beck

4. The Storm of the Century:

“It’s about a massive hurricane that took place in Dallas and I love it because I find storms interesting. I definitely think it’s good enough to be made into a movie” -Kaylee Bowers 

5. The Giver:

“I read this book for a class in middle school and ended up falling in love with it and its deep meaning” -Elise Katz

6. The Great Gatsby:

“I love the era in which it was written/ the events that take place. It's so good, but so sad” -Stephanie Dauerman

7. Memoirs of Geisha:

“It’s about this girl who is sold by her parents (we think for a better life because they were poor) into being a geisha and it really focuses on working hard and being good at what you do to give yourself a future that you want” -Katelyn Leveque

8. Divergent:

“I love this book because it shows the struggle of someone trying to find themselves in a society that already has them placed in a certain category” -Erin Clunn